Best Five Muscle Building Workouts

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Muscle Building Workouts

In the modern world, people have become quite health conscious. They not only focus on overall health, but also want to look their best. If you’ve ever been in a gym, you must have talked to your trainer about the best muscle building workouts. Every trainer gets such questions about different workouts which can help build muscle quickly and naturally. Before you start your workouts, it is better to gather some information about what suits your body. In this post, we’ve discussed the best five muscle building workouts which will help you build muscle quickly.

German Volume Training

This has always been considered one of the best muscle building workouts. In fact, the German Volume Training workout has been around since early 1970s. Even today, this workout program hasn’t changed much. It still focuses on building lean muscles, while using a technique called overload. In this technique, you need to perform 10 sets including 10 repetitions (10 x 10 approach) for one exercise per each body part.

The German Volume Training program requires you to perform only 3-4 exercises every time you work out. This technique overloads your muscles with intense volume and weight to fatigue. However, you should remember to take quite long breaks between your sets. This will make sure you don’t injure yourself or over train.

Cross Fitentrenamiento turbulento

Most of the amateurs and beginners consider Cross Fit to be a tough and exhausting workout. In fact, it is also called Workout Until You Puke”. There’s a strong reason for this nickname. This workout program includes a lot of functional, tough exercises. You need to perform these exercises interval style until you experience some sort of fatigue. 

Some of these exercises include pull ups, burpees, walking lunges, kettle bell swings and push ups. In case you’re serious about building huge legs and arms, Cross Fit will be the perfect choice. It will show significant results in a short period of time. 

5×5 Building Routine

This workout routine is quite popular among gym trainers and fitness experts. In fact, the 5 x 5 routine is considered to be a complete workout program. It not only helps you build muscle, but also gives you more strength and stamina. In this program, you need to perform some heavy lifting.

The program was created by two of the world’s most popular bodybuilders, Reg Park and Bill Starr. It was created in 1970s. Moreover, this program was also adopted by Arnold Swarchenegger. He made some changes to this workout, but still stuck with the basic workout routine.

300 Spartan Muscle Building Workouts

As the name suggests, this workout was created by Gym Jones for all the actors who appeared in the 300” movie. The primary purpose of this workout routine was to make the actors look like Spartan Warriors. In this workout, you need to perform some exhausting regime of circuits. They need to be performed in very little time (around 20 minutes). 

Moreover, you don’t have to take rest between sets. All the exercises in this workout program are unconventional and unorthodox. However, they’re still able to provide a complete body workout to improve every aspect of your fitness.

007 Mass Workout

Even this workout has been inspired by a movie. It must be clear which movie inspired the 007 workout. This program is also called the Bond workout. It was specifically designed for Daniel Craig’s character in the movie Quantum of Solace”. It was aimed to enhance his endurance and stamina so he could perform stunts on his own. 

The 007 workout focuses on building core muscles for the lower and upper body. In addition to this, the 007 workout program also improves your strength, endurance and power. This workout is split into 5 days. 2 days include power circuit training, while 3 days are focused on interval training. On the weekend, you need to perform mild exercises, including walking, swimming, yoga and swimming. 

These were the best five muscle building workouts. However, it is worth mentioning that you also need to focus on your diet. You should eat healthy foods, and increase your intake of proteins. Besides this, you also need to take proper rest to give some time to your muscles to repair. 

It is also important to understand that you need to choose a workout according to your body type and desires. Before you choose a workout and start working on your muscles, you should consult a professional trainer or fitness expert to avoid any injuries. With dedication and hard work, you will be able to build good muscles in a timely manner. 

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