Biggest muscle building mistakes

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muscle building mistakesLearn how to avoid the biggest muscle building mistakes and gain mass fast! Building muscles might seem like a straightforward activity. Regrettably, this is not the case. Many pitfalls come with fast bodybuilding, making the process take longer or even wear your body down. make sure that you’ll avoid the following biggest muscle gain mistakes.

Biggest muscle building mistake: Over training – Do not over train

Most skinny people think that they will achieve results fast if they train intensely. You have to know when stopping training is necessary. For instance, if your weight does not increase, this is a red flag. Before engaging in even more intense workouts, try to find out whether there is anything you aren’t doing right.

Observe excellent nutrition habits. Keeping your body healthy ensures your body gets enough protein and fuel. You ought to take at least 5 meals a day to ensure you stay in shape. Understand that your body needs plenty of rest to recover. Get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep daily. You should also avoid working on the same body part for long.

Biggest muscle gain mistake: wrong ranges

Avoid incomplete ranges of motion

Muscles that are fully stretched always contract harder. This means if you are doing a bench press, stopping at the halfway point won’t help. Lack of flexibility is one thing that might inhibit motion. If you feel that you are inflexible, doing some more soft-tissue and stretching work when warming up would be of help.

Mass-building missfire: exercising in the wrong order

Exercise order is one thing most body builders overlook. You have to follow a viable order if you are to achieve results from your bodybuilding exercises. It is always advisable that you commence your training with the most neurologically demanding exercises. Explosive exercises like speed work should always come first. If you are more advanced, however, it is okay to start with lighter exercises. Ensure that your training exercises comprise of both isolation exercises and compound movements.

Worst muscle building mistake to avoid: smoking and drinking

Smoking and drinking sabotages an individual’s strength training. Smoking inhibits body muscles from getting oxygen because it places carbon monoxide in the body system. If your muscles do not have enough oxygen, they will be less efficient regarding contracting. Alcohol leads to buildup of body fat. This fat can cover your abs, meaning achieving muscles would be a difficult task. Regular drinking keeps testosterone levels down. It also decreases muscle mass.

Failure to use a training manual

A training manual is of immense significance for every body builder. A training manual helps you follow your exercise program strictly. It helps you achieve your goals more easily because it ensures you keep on doing the same workouts. Training journals also help you determine which types of workouts are more effective.


In case you take in plenty of proteins, you must drink plenty of water. Protein rich meals are known to have a diuretic effect. It is, therefore, advisable that you do not take plenty of protein at a go. Drink at least eight glasses of water to avoid dehydration. You should also avoid sugary drinks. Sugary drinks might make you feel fuller. This might lead you to limiting intake of nutrient-dense foods.

Let’s build some muscle!
And make sure that you will avoid these biggest muscle building mistakes to gain mass fast!


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