3 Simple steps on how to develop fast muscle mass building routine

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For most men, the common goal for workouts is to develop muscles. However, unknown to many, leanness plays a vital role in the whole process. In short, individuals who are not lean are not likely to succeed in building muscles. And, for most men, it is better to work on getting muscles than becoming huge. Thus, a question arises: do you build muscles first and then become lean or is it the other way round. Achieving both of these goals is quite unlikely, and this is because losing body fat needs a hypocalorific state while gaining muscle mass demands a hypercaloric state. In order to see any results, you require picking the most appropriate type of training. The following is are tips on how to develop fast muscle mass building routine.

Determine the amount of body fat that you are comfortable with

Before you even choose the right training workout cycle, you need to figure out the amount of body fat that you are most comfortable with. If it happens that you are comfortable with a little weight, you can jump into the program headfirst. However, if you mind your weight, you will first need to get lean before commencing the muscle building regime.

How fast do you want to build the muscles?

It takes some time to build muscle mass. It is practically impossible to build any kind of tissue without energy. In the event that the energy supplied outweighs what is required for building the muscles, your body will start building body fats. In short, the only way to avoid extra body fat accumulating is to ensure that you do not consume more calories than it is needed.

However, there is an exception. For someone consuming only 100-200 extra calories per day so as to avoid fats accumulation, not much will be seen in terms of success. If you manage to gain one pound in a month, you should count yourself very lucky. If you combine this with the fact that your body may speed up metabolism in order to accommodate extra calories, it may be impossible for you to see any form of eight gain.

In short, the more calories you consume the better the chances of maximizing muscle build. There is a limit regarding the amount of muscle that any person can build. For many men, they gain 1-3 pounds per month. To maximize muscle gain, it is important to eat well. Eat between 2500-3,500 extra calories a day for you to manage one pound of tissue.

Factor in the P-ratio

Lastly, you need to take into account the impact that P-ratio is likely to have on your weight gain. In general, if you start off leaner when attempting to gain muscle mass, you are likely to put on a leaner weight. In the same way, individuals who begin with a lot of body fat will wind up with more body fat and not muscle.

Given the above perspective, it is better to be leaner as you build muscle mass. But the question is: how lean? 8%-15% body fat is the recommended leanness. This need not be necessarily hard for someone who is used to going to gym.

However, it is important to note that leaner people with 4%-7% body fat will initially tend to gain more fat. During this time, their bodies tend to be very lean and tend to fight to stay in the same way. Therefore, upon being given extra calories, the bodies will ensure that the fat level is brought up to healthy levels.

The final verdict – fast muscle mass building routine

To become lean, the best way is to choose a method that you are most comfortable with. After choosing the right method, you need to start a moderate bulking session. Set an aim of eating 300-500 extra calories daily. Then, aim for roughly 0.5-1 pounds of weight gain per week. If you are unable to gain, up your caloric intake and decrease it if you happen to be gaining too quickly. Throw in a mix of cardio too. This not only increases cardiovascular conditioning, but also assists in nutrient partitioning. It also creates an overall better environment for addition of lean muscle mass.

However, you should not over do it with cardio. This is because it has a tendency of burning calories that would have been used for building muscle tissues and develop effective fast muscle mass building routine.

Let´s build muscles,

-Mike Jackson
Personal trainer & bodybuilding expert

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