How to gain muscle mass fast?

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How to gain muscle mass fastThe Basics On Gaining Muscle For Men: So many guys want that lean but muscular look and in this article I’ll tell you how to get started on building that dream body! It’s easy if you know what you must to do! Let’s go… and learn how to gain muscle mass fast at home or gym!
If you are a male who wants to gain muscle, there are some things that you should definitely be aware of. It isn’t as easy as lifting a few weights and expecting to turn into The Hulk overnight, because that just isn’t going to happen. It is important that you know the following, before attempting to gain muscle to ensure that you do it correctly.

Eating right to build muscle fast

Muscle is made in the kitchen, not in the gym! Perhaps this isn’t 100% true but it is vital that you are eating correctly to get the body that you want. You need to start reading labels, if you don’t do this already and actually learning about what foods you are putting into your body. Protein should become your new best friend, you need approximately one gram of protein for each pound that you weight. So if you are 160 pounds, you need 160 grams of protein daily to gain the muscle like you want to. Cut out junk food and takeaways as much as possible, but don’t be afraid to ingest lots of good food.

Limit your cardio

Cardio is fine but it isn’t what you should be doing if you want to gain muscle (you aren’t trying to get smaller, remember!) Limit your cardio to around twice a week and no more than 30 minutes at a time.

Lift, lift and lift some more

Turbulence Training

Of course you need to lift weights to gain muscle, but ensure you work your whole body and push yourself as far as you can go. Don’t jump straight into lifting heavy weights, you should be increasing the weight – the stronger you become. Don’t be afraid to get yourself a trainer and learn from other guys in the gym, it’s the only way that you will improve. Lift a maximum of 5 times a week, your muscles do need time to repair themselves. Every 6 weeks or so, you should change up something in your routine. This could be the amount of time you are spending on your muscles, or adding a few different exercises. This change will keep your body guessing, which will leave you looking even more ripped.

Consider other muscle gain products

There are many products out there that help you to increase the size of your muscles. Before you commit to one however, you need to do your research and know what you are putting into your body. Make sure you check out my body building supplements!

You shouldn’t OVERLY rely on a muscle gaining product, what makes the most difference to your size, will be the effort you put in.

Let’s build muscle!


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